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"Boo-Boo Couture", All Products, BOO BOO BALL™ First-Aid Kit + Comfort Toy IN ONE!

Shark Plushie: Finn | Kids First-Aid Kit | BOO BOO BALL™



Looking for a fun First-Aid Kit for your little one?

Meet Finn Shark! He is not your average shark plushy! He comes with a hidden first-aid kit for kids! Inside his mouth, you'll find all the supplies your kiddo needs to feel better in a flash, like an ice pack, bandages, and antibiotic ointment. Plus, it comes with cute shark stickers that are sure to bring a smile to their face!

This Shark Plush is perfect for kids who are nervous during medical moments, or don't like going to the doctor. Finn's squishy ball-shaped body makes him perfect for squeezing, calming all that anxiety and stress. This unique shark plush toy is sure to become your child's new best friend!

Finn Shark comes with a Cute First-Aid Kit:

  • ❄ 1 Non-Toxic, Gel Bed Ice Pack (hot and cold use);
  • 🩹 12 Matching Fun Bandages;
  • 🦈 6 Matching Shark Stickers;
  • 💊 3 Safetec® antibiotic ointment packets.

All tucked away inside Finn Shark's body!

Finn's big teeth might seem scary, but he's shy and sweet and helps you feel BRAVE! Finn is always ready to share secrets and give hugs. Squeeze him tight with all your might!

Why Should you get The Finn Shark BOO BOO BALL:

  • With a secret first aid-kit inside, this toy is perfect for comforting children in the event of an emergency.
  • Your child can have their fluffy friend with them during doctor's appointments or any time they need a little extra TLC.
  • Makes the perfect spot for keeping an EpiPen or inhaler inside for camp & sleepovers!
  • Just un-zip his shark mouth and find everything you need to make your kid better!

Fun Tips for using the Ice Pack:

  • Freeze it to soothe bumps & bruises, fevers, sunburns & growing pains.
  • Slip heated packs in mittens or pockets for instant winter warmth.
  • Place one or two in your lunch box to keep food fresh and cold.


  • Finn Shark Plushie Sizes: 8" width, 8" depth, 10" height;
  • Gel bead ice pack Sizes: 10cm x 11cm;
  • Ages 3+;
  • Polyester.
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