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BOO BOO BALL™ Fun First-Aid ON THE GO | The Sports Collection, The Best Kids Ice Packs | Non-Toxic & Food Grade

Basketball Ice Pack | Non-Toxic Sports Ice Pack for Kids & Teens | BOO BOO BALL™


Looking for a way to help your kiddo bounce back from minor injuries? Check out our Basketball Ice Pack! Made of flexible gel beads, this reusable ice pack is perfect for soothing bumps and bruises that happen in team sports like basketball.

Plus, it's small enough to carry to games and practices, so your child can use it as soon as they need it. And because it's made of non-toxic food-grade gel beads, you can be sure it's safe for your little ones.

Help your child get back in the game with our Basketball Ice Pack!

For even more basketball protection, check out our Basketball First-Aid Keychain with a basketball bandages, stickers, and a basketball-shaped first-aid kit!

You can use our Basketball Ice Pack Hot or Cold:

🧊 COLD: Place in freezer for one hour before use.

🔥 HOT: Warm in hot water before use or microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Non-toxic, food-grade gel beads. BPA Free. Latex Free. Wipe clean. It's 100% safe for your kids!

Why Should you Get our Basketball Ice Pack:

  • This basketball ice pack is beautifully designed like a real basketball, so your little one will love using it.
  • This is the perfect way to soothe bumps and bruises, whether it's from playing basketball or just from everyday life.
  • Plus, it's reusable, so your kids can carry it from school to the basketball court!

Fun Tips:

  • Heated ice packs can be placed in mittens or pockets for instant winter warmth.
  • Lunch boxes can benefit from ice packs too - place one or two inside to keep food fresh and cold.


  • Ages 3+;
  • Directions are printed on the back of each basketball ice pack.
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