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The Best Kids Ice Packs | Non-Toxic & Food Grade

Ice Pack for Kids: Arlo Sheep | Non-Toxic Ice Pack | Boo Boo Ball


When your little one has a boo-boo, our Ice Pack for Kids: Arlo Sheep is just what the doctor ordered!

This cute reusable ice pack features flexible gel beads that work great to soothe bumps, bruises, insect bites, fevers, sunburns, and even growing pains. Plus, it's non-toxic and food-grade, so you can be sure they're safe for your kids.

So next time your kiddo is feeling under the weather, reach for our Ice Pack for Kids and rest assured that they'll be feeling better in no time! For an even more fun kids' first aid kit, check out the matching First-Aid Sheep Keychain: Arlo!

You can use our Kids Ice Pack Hot or Cold:

🧊 COLD: Place in freezer for one hour before use.

🔥 HOT: Warm in hot water before use or microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Non-toxic, food-grade gel beads. BPA Free. Latex Free. Wipe clean. You can be sure they're safe for your kids.

Why Should you Get Arlo Sheep Kids Ice Pack:

  • It's a safe and effective way to relieve your child's minor aches and pains;
  • The cool beads will help to reduce swelling and pain quickly.
  • Because it's flexible, it conforms to any part of the body for targeted relief.
  • In addition to helping with bruises, it is perfect for use in your child's lunch box.

Fun Tips:

  • Place it in your child's lunch box, they're great for keeping food fresh and cold!
  • Your kid can also slip heated packs in mittens or pockets for instant winter warmth!


  • Ages 3+;
  • Directions are printed on the back of each ice pack.
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