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Unicorn Ice Pack (2 Pack) Non-Toxic Kids Ice Pack: Lily Unicorn | BOO BOO BALL™


*Back in stock!

If your child is anything like ours, then they're always getting bumps and bruises. It seems like as soon as we turn our backs, they're falling down or running into things. That's why we created Lily Unicorn Kids Ice Pack!

Perfect for soothing all those little hurts, this reusable ice pack is filled with fun and flexible non-toxic, food-grade gel beads. Whether it's a bump on the head, an insect bite, or a fever, this boo-boo ice pack can help.

Get UNICORN bandages, UNICORN stickers, and a UNICORN First-Aid Kit to match with our Unicorn FIRST-AID Keychain.

You can use the Unicorn Ice Pack Hot or Cold:

🧊 COLD: Place in freezer for one hour before use.

🔥 HOT: Warm in hot water before use or microwave for 5-10 seconds.

Non-toxic, food-grade gel beads. BPA Free. Latex Free. Wipe clean. You can be sure they're safe for your children.

Why Should you Get the Unicorn Ice Pack:

  • The cool beads will help to reduce swelling and pain quickly.
  • Because it's flexible, it conforms to any part of the body for targeted relief.

Fun Tips for using the Ice Pack:

  • For instant winter warmth, our unicorn ice pack can be used hot in mittens or pockets.
  • Keep your child's lunch box food fresh and cold all day with one or two of these handy ice packs.


  • Ages 3+;
  • Directions are printed on the back of each ice pack.




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