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8 Gifts Ideas for Kids with Anxiety

Douglas Dinarte
Nov 11, 2022

8 Gifts Ideas for Kids with Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal phenomenon, unfortunately even for kids. For example, returning to school, going to the doctor for regular checkups, moving houses, or fear of places like vaccination centers and hospitals can all trigger anxiety in kids.

If you are a parent of an anxious child, here are the best gifts for kids with anxiety that will help calm their nerves and make them feel safe. Also on our list are the world’s only huggable first aid kid toys by Boo Boo Balls.

The unique toys listed below can help the kids overcome anxiety associated with bruises, bumps, and scratches. The toys come with a supply of first-aid materials you need to take care of the boo-boos that can happen at home or outside.

The fluffy, huggable toy is the bonus the child gets; they provide the much-needed hug and reassurance that everything will be alright no matter how scary the bruise may seem.

Plus, if your child is on the spectrum or has ADHD, you’ll find these stress relieving toys great for dealing with anxiety and sensory trouble.

1. Boo Boo Ball Plush Animals + First Aid Kit

Boo Boo Ball - Gifts for Kids AnxietyWhat does a child need when overcome with a sense of insecurity and anxiety? A big, secure hug!

Check out the Boo Boo Ball Plushie First-Aid Kits that are super cute and fluffy; your child won’t let go of them. These toys are made to be the best buddies of your kid.

Whether it's trouble sleeping, making it through the first day of school, or waving goodbye to a parent off on a business trip, Boo Boo Balls are the perfect companions.

But that's not all. These toys come with a secret zipper pocket with a complete first-aid kit for your kids. With bandages, ointment, an ice pack, and super cool stickers, the kit equips your child to take on the day.

Check out the Dragon Plushie, Mr. Lizarbocker. The soft, huggable dragon brings fairy tales to life by syncing the ferociousness of a dragon and the cozy companionship of a buddy. The plush toy also has a zipper pocket where along with the included medical supplies, you can keep a love note from mom or any other item they may need at any time.

Got a fan of sharks? The Finn Shark First-Aid Kit is uber cute, huggable and just the friend kids need when troubled with fears or anxieties. This plushy toy, too, comes with a hidden zipper pocket with shark bandages, ointment, an ice pack, and cool shark stickers to lift the mood and help with bravery.

2. Indoor tent

Indoor Tent - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

Indoor tents can serve as safe covens or hideouts for kids whenever they sense trouble. These indoor tents can be equipped with the kid's favorite toys, comfort food, or other things that make them feel warm and safe.

Add in a reading light, so an anxious kid further feels safe and can relax, read or lie down inside the tent in their haven in peace.

 3. Coloring-Books

Coloring Books - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

Many children find coloring and drawing immensely satisfying and calming for their nerves. So, depending on the child's age, you can get them this animal coloring book with colors, gel pens, or whatever they like.

With so many animals, they are bound to pick a favorite and bug you for hours about it.

They will love sitting down to color for hours. The activity is great for boosting their concentration and helps alleviate stress and anxiety in the young and old.

4. Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

Image source: Amazon

Whether a child has sensory issues or just wants a feeling of security, a weighted blanket can be the ideal gifts for kids with anxiety. The secure, tight feeling of a weighted blanket wrap makes the child immediately calm down and even sleep in peace.

If you spend hours on OT for your ASD child, you’ll find this a blessing. Give the child deep touch pressure therapy at home with this weighted blanket.

5. Jump Rope

Jump Rope - Gift for Kids with Anxiety

At times, a simple toy like a jump rope can get your kids excited and up on their feet. This makes great gifts for kids with anxiety that are simple yet genius.

With a skipping rope in hand, the child will want to run out to the outdoors to explore it with their friends. So any past anxieties, worries, or stressors will long be forgotten as they indulge in play with their fellows.

6. Room Color Changing LED Lights
Room Color Changing LED Lights - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

If your child likes to create their own space or room, they’ll love these color changing LED lights. These LED color-changing lights are instant mood lifters for anyone combatting pain, anxiety, or depression.

This LED strip helps in anxiety relief, relaxes the mood and body, and helps the tiny brains unwind, so they sleep well and are ready to take on the next day.

7. Sandbox

Sandbox - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

Sandboxes are a great outdoor activity for all kids. However, with anxiety-prone children, these sandboxes can become sacred retreats or hideouts to play and spend time in as they calm their bodies.

You can keep some sand toys, buckets, etc., so they can play in peace and turn to the sandbox every time anxiety strikes.

    8. Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs - Gifts for Kids with Anxiety

    Image source: Amazon

    Another great way to calm down is to take a warm bath. Add these bath bombs to have a relaxing and warm experience. These bath bombs are colored and fragranced so that the kids can have a fun experience trying out the colors and fragrances in their bathtub.

    Final Word

    Here we are with our extensive list of the best gifts for kids with anxiety. Starting from our first toy here, the plush animals by Boo Boo Balls, you can alleviate anxiety within a few minutes.

    The hidden pockets are an added advantage. They come with everything you’ll need in case of an injury or minor scrape.

    Check out the entire collection of Boo Boo Balls anxiety toys right here.

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