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The 8 Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Hilary Richards
Nov 10, 2022

The 8 Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Travel and toddlers are the two ‘T words’ that typically do NOT go together. With little kids in tow, even thinking about traveling can bring a lot of stress, anxiety, and never-ending lists of things to do and items to take along for a peaceful journey!

Whether it's a road trip, a journey by train, or (hold your breath) air travel, parents of little kids have their heads spinning thinking about the tantrums and chaos and, of course, the disapproving glares of fellow travelers.

But you can turn the situation around from a nightmare to a happy, blissful time with just a little prep in advance. Along with food and other necessities, take along some toddler travel toys.

Here are some fantastic travel toys that enhance the learning experience for your kids and are bound to keep them busy, happy, and engaged throughout your trip.

1. Boo-Boo Ball - Plush Toy with First-Aid Kit

Boo Boo Balls, Travel Toys for Toddlers ideaCrying kiddos can make a fun trip exhausting! When your child gets a boo-boo or shows signs of stress that the travel day often brings, BOO BOO BALL is there to save the day!

In our Boo Boo Kit Collection, there’s a wide variety of plush animals that are both functional & fun. You will find sheep, unicorns, sharks, and dragons to appeal to toddlers with various interests. What makes these plush toys different from your average stuffie? They come with a secret zipper pocket and a first aid kit inside!

Since a boo-boo or two may be expected during a trip, these toddler travel toys come with all the first aid material you need for minor bruises and scrapes. The “first-aid plushie” includes the following:

  • 12 bandages
  • Reusable icepack
  • Fun Stickers
  • Antibiotic Ointment

Check out Arlo Sheep. His soft, cute, and fluffy features make him the perfect buddy for your child. If your kid feels anxious or overwhelmed at any point during the trip, Arlo will be there to give the much-needed cuddles and hugs, and ready to provide a bandage, so a simple boo-boo doesn’t put a cramp in your trip!

Similarly, if you have a little fan of unicorns, Lily Unicorn plush first-aid kit can bring the magic to life, and make sure no minor boo-boos take a toll on your little one’s fun.

2. Buster Square - Buckle Toy

Buckle Toy - Toddler Travel Gift Idea

Image source: Amazon

Buckle toys are excellent for building fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving, and cognition. The Buster Square is fun, snuggly, and easy to take with you on your trip.

Your little one can hold it, strap it to the stroller or car seat or stuff it in their backpack, so Buster square is by their side whenever they need it. The toddler travel toy comes with embroidered numbers and shapes for learning. Then there are also color-coordinated straps for a fun learning experience.

3. Finger Puppet Set

Finger Puppet Set - Toddler Travel Toys Idea

A fun way to keep your toddler occupied is getting them a complete finger puppet set to play with on the journey. The Betterline Finger Puppet set contains 20 pieces of finger puppet animals and family. So your little one will have a lot to do (and many questions to ask) wherever you go.

Puppets have always been great for storytelling and enhancing children's imaginative powers. These soft puppets are made of polyester material and easily slide up the tiny fingers so your child can reenact Old Macdonald or the family finger songs.

4. Coloring Book

Coloring Book, Travel Toys for Toddlers

One of the kids’ favorite tasks requiring the most focus is the art of coloring. One primary concern of parents is that toddlers quickly run out of pages as they color. With My First Big Book of Coloring, you get 200 pages of animals, vehicles, planets, and more. 

So there’s a lot to do and color here.

Let their creative side run wild with so many designs and versatile topics. They’ll have plenty to think about and colors to keep them busy for hours.

5. Boo-Boo Keychain

Boo Boo Keychains, Travel Toys for ToddlersHere’s a unique, compact, and extremely useful toy to take along on your trip: the Boo Boo Ball keychain. Plush shark, basketball, baseball, sheep, unicorn, soccer ball, and cheer pom pom design keychains come with first aid kits. 

You can clip these on backpacks, bags, or strollers so the toy doesn't take up space. 

The best part is that all these come with a secret zipper pouch and a tiny first aid kit for your travel. There’s about everything you may need to fix a boo-boo and a frown that will likely happen during your travel or stay. 

The tiny keychains are soft and super cute. The first aid kit includes bandages, stickers, ointment, refillable metal tin, and an ice pack.

6. LCD Writing Tablet

Lcd writing tablet, Travel Toys for ToddlersChildren of all ages love to scribble. It's fun and a great way to learn on the go. So instead of carrying pencils, erasers, and heavy notepads, why not go tech savvy and get your kids a Bravokids LCD writing tablet?

A 10-inch colored LCD board comes with a stylus, so little minds and older toddlers can draw, doodle or draft whatever they want. The tablet is designed to be easy to use and comes with a button to clear the contents and one to save the drawings/notes.

It's anti-fall and anti-shock, so no worries if your toddler drops it anywhere. Plus, it's light and easy to carry in their backpacks or arms.

    7. Sensory Board

    Sensory board, Travel Toys for Toddlers

    If you have a fidgety, active, and energetic kid who needs a step up in the entertainment game, the sensory board is sure to keep them from getting bored. The Guolely Busy Board is light, compact, and has 25 activities to keep your toddler busy.

    There’s so much to do on it; zippers, puzzles, buckles, buttons, shoelaces, clocks, alphabets, and even calendar learning. All these activities are a fun way for your kids to learn cognitive, motor, and dressing skills.

    It makes excellent toddler travel toys for ASD/ADHD kids to learn life skills while having fun wherever they go.

      8. Gel Window Stickers

      Window stickers, Travel Toys for Toddlers

      Image source: Amazon

      A pack of stickers is usually something all parents find easy to toss in the backpack while traveling. The only problem is that the stickers cling to the walls and other places and are often hard to take off. 

      Try these underwater theme gel stickers. The gel stickers are easy to remove, reuse and play with. Your little ones can stick them around the plane windows, hotel walls, bathtub, or wherever they wish. 

      Let them tell tales from under the sea with 27 stickers of whales, mermaids, clams, sharks, etc.

      Final Word

      Traveling with toddlers can be a fun life experience with just a few adjustments on your end. Taking along a compact toy for one can make your journey pleasant without a hassle. 

      While all the toddler travel toys we’ve shortlisted here are portable and bound to keep your little one busy throughout the trip and stay, we recommend the Boo Boo Ball for any dramatic kiddos: great for keeping them safe, calming their little nerves, and giving them a fun companion to take - and sleep - with them on their journey. 

      Check out the complete Boo Boo Ball Collection here!

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