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Top 8 Unique And Thoughtful Soccer Mom Gifts

Hilary Richards
Oct 27, 2022

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The best gifts are those which strike a personal chord. So, if you’re at a loss for ideas about soccer mom gifts, you need to acknowledge, understand, and appreciate the soccer mom.

Who is the soccer mom, you ask?

If you played a lot of sports as a kid, you know your biggest supporter wasn’t your coach or teammates. Instead, it was that one person who drove you to every practice, showed up at every game, and cheered you on from the sidelines. It was the person who handed you water and snacks the minute the whistle blew for halftime and bandaged you up when you hurt yourself. 

It was the soccer mom. 

No doubt, these supermoms deserve the best of the best. So here are eight gift ideas befitting the ever-deserving soccer mom.

Soccer Mom Keychain

Soccer Ball Keychain for Soccer Mom

You might be thinking, “a keychain? Really?” It’s true; keychains barely seem like unique or thoughtful soccer mom gifts. 

But this Boo Boo Ball Soccer Ball Keychain isn’t your run-of-the-mill keychain. Not only is it the perfect accessory for soccer enthusiasts, but it is actually very utilitarian and practical as well.

The keychain doubles as a handy first-aid and storage kit. The adorable plushie keychain unzips to reveal a treasure trove of soccer-themed bandages, antibiotic ointment packets, a refillable metal tin, and fun soccer stickers. Of course, you can store other miscellaneous items in the pouch, such as hair accessories, cards, money, and medicine.  

Moreover, she can easily clip the keychain to her purse or kiddos soccer bag, ensuring that it’s always handy and your necessities will forever be in reach!

Folding Cane Chair

Folding Cane Chair for Soccer Mom

The soccer mom is rarely on the bleachers— so far away from the action. Instead, she is always hovering on the sideline, cheering on her kid and keeping her eyes peeled for fouls. At the blow of the whistle, the soccer mom is always ready with water bottles and snacks to fuel her little sports star during halftime. 

But while she will insist that she’s not tired, even these supermoms are not immune to fatigue. 

Hence, a folding chair can allow the soccer mom to stay on top of her game without completely draining herself. This AmazonBasics folding chair comes with a beverage-cooler pouch and a built-in cup holder, which can double as a storage pocket for sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, and personal items.

Stadium Seats and Cushions

Stadium Seat and Cushion for Soccer Mom

Stadium seats are infamously uncomfortable; the hard surface combined with zero back support can make it almost impossible to sit through those long games. What’s a soccer mom to do? 

But there is a way to rectify this: stadium seats and cushions. 

Stadium seats and cushions are portable seats that you can attach to a stadium chair to make it more comfortable. For example, the Stansport Go Anywhere stadium seat is perfect for bleachers, stadiums, sidelines, or simply relaxing outdoors. It provides ample back and rear support for those especially long and exhausting games.

Soccer Mom Apparel

Soccer Mom Apparel

Soccer moms and loud and proud about their unending love and support for their little sportsters. From car stickers to sports-related decor, they won’t shy away from announcing their “soccer mom” identity to the world. Not only that, but many soccer moms develop a passion for the sport itself. 

So what better way to embrace and broadcast this passion than dressing head-to-toe in soccer-related garb? 

The inscription on this cute black-and-white graphic sports tee announces to the world that  you’re “livin’ that soccer mom life.” Instead of the word “soccer,” though, there is an image of a soccer ball. 

In addition to t-shirts, you can also gift soccer-related jewelry, socks, hoodies, and caps. Regardless of what kind of apparel you choose, though, these soccer mom gifts will be a welcome addition to the recipient's wardrobe.

Sports Water Bottle

Sports Water Bottle for Soccer Mom

Summer is peak soccer season, but it’s also peak dehydration season. So if there’s one thing soccer moms worry about the most, it’s keeping their little athletes properly hydrated. Plus, they have to keep themselves hydrated, too. 

But buying disposable bottled water at every game or practice is extremely wasteful, not to mention impractical. 

What you need is a portable, easy-to-wash, and preferably sports-themed thermos. Enter the Stay Hydrated Water Bottle. This 21 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle is perfect for adults and kids alike, ensuring that everyone is always topped up on some H2O.

Hot Weather Accessories

Hot Weather Accessories for Soccer Mom

When summer rolls around, the soccer balls roll out. But neither you nor your kids should step out of the house without some UV and heatstroke protection. 

Hence, some hot weather gear would make for really nice soccer mom gifts. This could include anything to help them cool down or prevent sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, insect bites, etc. 

Here are some gift ideas to help soccer moms beat the heat: 

  • Portable fan
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Cooling towels
  • Bandana
  • Canopy Umbrella
  • Rolling coolers/ ice boxes

Cold Weather Gear

Cold Weather Gear for Soccer Mom

The weather can be unpredictable. Be it peak summers or unforgiving winters, the soccer mom doesn’t let bad weather hold her or her kids back. To do this, she needs to have ample protection against cold weather, and she’ll undoubtedly appreciate any gifts that can help her gear up. 

Here are some cold-weather gear items you can gift to a soccer mom: 

  • Heated gloves and socks
  • Thermal underwear
  • Furry boots
  • Thermos
  • Heated stadium seat
  • Trapper earflap hat

Folding Wagon

Folding Wagon for Soccer Mom

Soccer moms are always toting things around. First, they must load the car with all the gear- soccer balls, chairs and cushions, snacks, drinks, strollers for the young ‘uns, and so on. Then, they must unload everything from the car and transport it all to the benches. 

Sounds pretty exhausting, even for a supermom. 

But a folding wagon, like this one by MacSports, can make this job a million times easier and more efficient. This collapsible cart has a large capacity and can withstand up to 150lbs. Yet, somehow, it can fold to only eight inches in thickness to load easily into the car. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the wagon also comes with two mesh cup holders to secure the beverages. 


Soccer Mom Sports Themed Keychains

Soccer moms deserve all the love and appreciation for all their hard work. If you’re wondering how to show this appreciation, try any of the soccer mom gift ideas listed above. 

Of course, there are countless other gift ideas other than the ones listed above. But if you’re still at a loss for the perfect gift, browse the Boo Boo Ball collection for more sports-themed gifts.

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